How to Create a 10G Server

10G Server

A 10G Server is capable of transmitting ten gigabits per second (gbps) at any time. Built on HP branded enterprise grade hardware, it is designed for continuous operation under constant load. In addition, it comes with a support team available around the clock. Creating a 10G server is a fast and simple process, and the server is delivered within minutes. Read on to learn more about this powerful server.

Arista Networks

Arista Networks is a leading company in the cloud data center networking market. Their data center class switches redefine scalability, robustness, and price-performance in switches. Their platform uses an innovative software architecture that simplifies qualification, reliability, and maintenance for a single, easy-to-use management interface. The Arista team consists of leading networking companies, and markets their products through resellers, distribution partners, and systems integrators.

The Arista Networks 10G Server Series is designed to optimize performance for multiple environments. Its ultra-low latency characteristics are consistent regardless of packet size and port speed, allowing you to maximize the performance of your application. The high-performance design eliminates packet drops and maintains line rate performance. This server is ideal for use in a high-bandwidth application environment, and its scalable, flexible design makes it an ideal choice for large data centers.

Catalyst 2960X switches

Cisco Catalyst 2960X switches are 10G server networking solutions with 24 and 48 ports. They feature 10G SFP+ and gigabit SFP uplinks. The Cisco StackWise technology enables some of the units to operate as one switch. With StackWise, one switch acts as a master and maintains the stack, giving administrators full control over the entire stack. In addition, they feature energy management features, including Power over Ethernet Plus.

The Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series offers up to 216 Gbps of total switching capacity. These switches also feature dual 10Gig uplinks and four 1Gig ports. The Cisco Catalyst 2960X switches support zero-touch configuration, IOS software updates, and scalability. The switches are ideal for branch offices and campus applications. To learn more, check out the Cisco Catalyst 2960X 24TS-LL switch.

iConverter XGT+ plug-in media converters

iConverter XGT+ is a 10G server connectivity solution that offers copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-copper media conversions. This versatile converter resolves a number of cabling issues that arise during migration from Top of Rack to End of Row. Its 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface supports a variety of transceivers, including SFP+ and XFP.

iConverter XGT+ media converters are available in two forms – a compact standalone device and chassis plug-in modules. The latter is hot-swappable and managed through the management module. iConverter XGT+ media converters can be installed in various chassis and have built-in brackets to support their installation. Because of their DC power source, they are compatible with both AC and DC power supplies.


The 10G Ethernet is a higher-speed data-transmission standard based on the Ethernet technology used in LANs. Unlike traditional Ethernet, 10G can transfer data over a distance of 100-300 meters, or two-to-four kilometers, of single-mode fiber. The higher speed makes it possible to transfer data at a lower cost per unit of volume. While rivals are also working on 10G servers and networking gear, Nortel’s announcement is likely to be the most high-profile enterprise 10G deployment effort to date. Rival 10G announcements have focused on clustering and high-performance computing deployments.

The Nortel 5600 series is available with either a one or two-gigabit-per-second port–a 96-port port–or two 10-gigabit-per-second (Gbps)-capacity. Its Ethernet ports support Layer 2 through Layer 3 packet-forwarding and are capable of supporting all the other protocols. Its high-end configurations also support Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocol support. Furthermore, its flexible switch architecture lets you select between fiber-optic or copper-based ports, which can be used for a hybrid setup.